A full-length album and a marriage proposal, all in one! The first letters of all but the last song title spell out "VITA WILL YOU" and the last song, "Marry Me," completes the message.

Twelve new songs about love, maturity, and domesticity.

All songs written and performed by Jon Eric, except...
Background vocals on "Marry Me" performed by Billy Callis, Shinae Choi Robinson, Ian Cooper, Matthew Grusha, Susan Kamins, and Margaret Riley.

Mastered by Jake Perlman for Affordable Sound, Austin, Texas.

Cover art by Jon Eric and Ben Wright-Heuman. For the full-size version of the cover art, click here. For the back cover art, featuring full credits and and outline where the ring box went, click here.

To download the whole album as a single .zip file, click here.

March 10, 2015


Songs that are recently-recorded and haven't been classified into an album yet.

Nur Ein 7

In April 2012, the seventh iteration of Song Fight's famous NUR EIN sidefight began. This is the collection of Jon's entries.

Cool Guy

Cool Guy
Jon's album for February Album Writing Month, 2012! http://fawm.org/fawmers/joneric/

February Album Writing Month is a community of musicians who rally around one challenge: to write 14 songs in the shortest month of the year.

All songs from this album were written and recorded between February 1st, 2012, and February 29th, 2012.

Happiness is Subjective

Happiness is Subjective
Twelve new songs from Jon Eric, June 2011. You can download the whole album at once by clicking on this link.

Eight 88s

Eight 88s
This short album was recorded in a 24 hour span, between 8pm on February 5th, 2011 and 8pm on February 6th, 2011. It has eight songs all recorded on my 88-key digital piano, and the track "88" is exactly 88 seconds long!

But for Their Configuration

But for Their Configuration
Jon's collected entries from Nur Ein V. He won round 0 and got eliminated in round 5. Let this be the record. Cover art here, and back art here.

An Air of Legitimacy

An Air of Legitimacy
Eight re-recordings of Songfight-related tracks and four entirely new songs, released on Dec. 1, 2009. Download a .zip of the whole album here. Cover art by Myusollo. Full-size version here.

...One Would Hope (EP)

...One Would Hope (EP)
An EP of three songs that will be featured on Jon's upcoming album, and one that won't. This doubled as an audition CD for a music program. Cover art by Teplin. See full-size art here.

You can purchase a signed physical copy of ...One Would Hope (on CD-R because I ain't rich yet) by clicking on the following link, making a donation of two dollars or more, and leaving your mailing address in the comments:

Nur Ein IV


Nur Ein is an annual Songfight-based elimination contest, with mandatory challenges for each round. Jon participated in 2009 and made it up to round 4 out of 7.

14 Stories

14 Stories
This album, 14 Stories, is my second attempt at FAWM. Don't really know why last year's attempt failed so miserably, but this year went a lot better.

Bad Attractions

Bad Attractions
44:35 2003-2004
All music and lyrics written by Jon Eric, and all vocals and instruments by Jon Eric, except:
  • Drums on "Accelerator" by Ken Mahru
  • Chorus vocals on "Violet Wants it Her Way" by Glenn Case
  • Guitar on "Violet Wants it Her Way" by Sven Mullet
  • Drums on "House in my Head" by Eddiebangs
  • Lyrics on "Field Day" written by Casey "Soda" Kolderup
All songs mixed and mastered by Jon Eric.


2004 23:20
An album-a-day
  1. Fanfare
  2. Stationary Bike
  3. Have You Been Working Out?
  4. Words
  5. Magic
  6. Deaf
  7. Skyscrapers
  8. Clark Kent
  9. I'm Sorry
All songs written and performed by Jon Eric within a contiguous 24-hour period in August 2004.


A failed Album-A-Day
  1. Happens All The Time
  2. The Girl From Mandeville
  3. Miracle Baby
  4. Saint Expedite
All songs written and performed by Jon Eric within a contiguous 24-hour period in June 2004.


Covers by Jon Eric and cover of Jon Eric


Collaborations with other musicians.

The Frontalittle Squad

The Frontalittle Squad