Saturday, November 7, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

Due to my procrastinating on renewing my web hosting, this site may experience a day or two of downtime this week. Nothing to worry about, I'm paid up through 2011 now and have backed up the whole site in case of any data loss, but we might be unavailable for a day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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Sunday, June 7, 2009

"False Positive": Song Swap!

The Songfight title due today was "False Positive," and I did something a little different this time.

I contacted Ross Durand and provided him with a demo to record. He fleshed it out into a full track that's just great.

At the same time, he provided me with a demo, which I fleshed out into a full song of my own. As you can see, we both made huge improvements on each other's source material.

Make sure you go to Songfight and vote for the ones you like!

[Note: technical difficulties have been resolved. Nothing to see here]

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