Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Song! "Let's Get Bloody"

This week's new song, "Let's Get Bloody," serves multiple purposes. It's an entry for next week's Songfight. It's my fifth weekly song of 2010. It's also the first song of my February Album Writing Month project.

I had to wrestle pretty hard with my software to get this finished, hence the lateness, so sorry about that. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New song! "Do It Again" (Beach Boys cover)

Hey everyone! See the corresponding blog post for the full story, but today, for the third song in my song-a-week project, I'm unveiling a cover of "Do It Again" by the Beach Boys. I played it relatively straight, so if you like the original, and if you stick a little cotton in your ears, you just might like my rendition of it.

It's part of Songfight's Gift of Music sidefight, and is presented as a gift to fellow fighter LSK. I hope you enjoy it.

This song also marks the debut of my new bass, which was sold to me at a criminally discounted price by Paco del Stinko. Go visit Paco at http://www.nubsy.com and tell him how much we all love him.

Hear the new song here!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Song - "Crush"

I've got a new song today! It's for the upcoming Songfight, and it's called "Crush." Have a listen, or read more about it in the blog post. Be sure to check out the other entries when they come out, too! I'll keep you posted.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For Melvin

It's been really hush-hush until this afternoon, but at last it can be revealed! I've been working on this cover of Melvin's Songfight classic "God Hates Penguins!" Several other Songfighters recorded Melvin covers, which were all revealed at once as part of a big surprise coverfest this afternoon. Here's the page here.

Guess how many layers of my voice are in that last chorus? :)

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Good, bad, worse, good

I've got some good news, some bad news, some worse news, and then some more good news.

The good news is that those skyrocketing unemployment numbers no longer include the likes of little ol' Jon Eric. I'm now once again gainfully employed 40 hours a week.

The bad news is that such gainful employment takes a lot of time away from me. Time that might be better spent recording music for you wonderful people. The solution, of course, would be for you to donate some cash to the Jon Eric fund, or buy my EP!

The worse news is that, in order to take the new job, I had to write to the Austin Live Music Academy and tell them that I am regrettably unable to attend this year's session.

There's a silver lining to all this, though, because I've spent my spare hours of the last couple of weeks cobbling together a new piece for you! It's from the Songfight title "Back to the Well," and it features Signboy on drums and your friendly neighborhood webmaster Spud on the bass!

It's currently up for consideration at Songfight (and if it's not when you read this, it will be in a few hours), so head on over and listen to some of the songs, and vote for the ones you like!

Also, as with "Get to You," I've written up a chord chart and posted it here.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Song - "Amsterdam"

The new Songfight, "Amsterdam," is due, and sometime in the next couple of days, it'll be updated with all the new songs, including one by Jon Eric & Friends (click to listen). It features the industrious help of R. Mosquito on drums and The Def Author rapping!


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Songfight Victory! Plus new(ish) songs!

Last week's Songfight dual-collaboration between Ross Durand and me has proven quite fruitful indeed, as Ross' version of my "False Positive" took first place in the fight! Congratulations to Ross for doing an excellent recording from my rough demo, and thank you to anyone who voted for it. My version of his song got 7 votes.

Rather than competing in this week's Songfight, I've been keeping myself busy revisiting some old tracks for a demo. This demo will double as an audition (for what, I won't yet say) and as an EP, for your listening pleasure. To that end, I've rerecorded my 2006 Songfight entry "Rhymes with Lucia," and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed remaking it.

In other news, way back in 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck my home in New Orleans (thankfully, I wasn't there at the time), I started a song. I played it solo on acoustic guitar a lot around campus, and most people seemed to like it, but it took me forever to figure out how to expand it into a full band arrangement. Only just now, in June 2009, have I completed it. It's called "Phantom," and though it's not as peppy-sounding as most of what you'll find here, I do hope you'll give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Over and Out,

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

"False Positive": Song Swap!

The Songfight title due today was "False Positive," and I did something a little different this time.

I contacted Ross Durand and provided him with a demo to record. He fleshed it out into a full track that's just great.

At the same time, he provided me with a demo, which I fleshed out into a full song of my own. As you can see, we both made huge improvements on each other's source material.

Make sure you go to Songfight and vote for the ones you like!

[Note: technical difficulties have been resolved. Nothing to see here]

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Songfight collaboration

Jon Eric has teamed up with Nigel "Sp00n" Clements to form Generic Sp00ns, the new band that is sure to dominate this next week's Songfight!

...For certain definitions of "Dominate."

It all started when Nigel posted this lovely set of reviews including one for my "Back from Juvie," which read as follows:

Maybe I've said this before, maybe not, but with a touch more humour you could easily forge quite a following via sites like Fump! you have a definate style that would sit easily with Dr. Demento fraternity (i believe), Possible Vote!

I contacted him and said "If you can bring the funny, I can bring the sunny." The result was this silly little number complete with an intentionally bad guitar solo.

New equipment alert! This song marks the maiden voyage of both my new Yamaha YDD-60 and my new MXL 9090 condenser microphone.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Songfight song!

Hey everyone! Still haven't finished recording the tracks for 14 Stories, but I've been getting some new gear lately, First and foremost, there's a new track for Songfight!

The title for this one was "Back from Juvie," and I took the "not-using-the-title-in-the-lyrics" route with it. My entry is here, and you might want to listen to the fight at the Songfight home page too, if you like, and vote for mine if you enjoyed it. The initial reviews are coming back quite favorable (like, way more than usual, no joke). I'm proud of it, and I think you'll enjoy it as well. At the very least, you can rest assured that it's the peppiest song in the fight.

Before I did that, though, I recorded a couple of long-overdue tracks. The first was a song that I wrote over six months ago and debuted live at a local event with some friends. I finally got around to recording it not long after I got my new microphone last month, and I'm happy to share it with you today. It's called "Corporate Conscience," and you can hear it by clicking on its title.

Not long after that, I finally got over some chronic procrastination issues, and finished a Coverfight assignment just about five years overdue. I'd been assigned to cover The Idiot Kings' song "So Aggravating" (not to be confused with my own song of the same name). Anyway. Confusing nomenclature aside, I finally recorded the cover, and you can hear it by clicking here.

In other news, I have a shiny new logo now! I'm grateful to Fishboy Rex for creating the old one for me, but I feel that this new one, with its sunburst background and shiny colors, more accurately reflects the style of the music I've been making lately. I tried to create a favicon out of it and failed miserably, but I figure anything is better than that old Hostmonster logo still being there.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Songfight News!

I forgot to post a news update for the most recent Songfight, titled "Elegy for Industry," which featured an entry from yours truly. The results are in; I tied for ninth.

Among my competition, Raised by Wolves and Jim Tyrell stand out, and I recommend them both heartily.

Now let us turn our attention to the current fight, "Love Me a Little Bit More." Notice another entry from me (making this the first time in almost three years that I've entered two consecutive Songfights). You'll see that the artist is listed as Jon Eric and the Transpacific Babble Brigade. My two supporting guitarists are the loquacious Caravan Ray (hailing all the way from New Zealand), and the even more loquacious Billy's Little Trip (hailing all the way from California).

Also, Billy's Little Trip has taken it upon himself to arrange his own version of the same song. It awaits a few contributions from me before it's officially done, but as soon as he's ready, I'll have it up here on this site for you.

Till next time,

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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Song! "Walking the Border"

Okay, so it's been six months since I did anything on here. I've gone longer.

Anyway, the deadline for the next Songfight is in about thirteen hours, and it'll be updating sometime between two and seventy-two hours thereafter. And when it does, my new song, "Walking the Border," will be there. Since you've been so vigilant, waiting for the next update, I'll give it to you early. Have a listen.

Also, if you care at all about webcomics, you might want to check out my new project, The Webcomics Digest. I can't guarantee that I'll never cross-advertise.

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