Monday, June 29, 2009

New EP - ...One Would Hope

I'm pleased to announce the release today of my new EP, ...One Would Hope. Nothing too terribly new, if you've been following my career so far. We kick things off with "Back from Juvie," exactly as submitted to Songfight a few months ago. Then we take the quirkiness up a notch with "Schadenfreude," which debuts in its new version here. I replaced the fake piano and elec.piano with slightly less-fake piano and elec.piano tones, and completely redid the bridge. From there, I depress the heck out of the listener with "Phantom," then bring the whirlwind eleven-minute emotional journey to a close near where it started with the new version of "Rhymes with Lucia," both of the latter as announced in a news post about a week and a half ago.

This EP doubles as an audition CD for me, for a program which I'll tell you more about if I'm accepted. In the meantime, enjoy the tuneage. It should serve to whet your appetite for the full-length album I'll be dropping by the end of the summer.

To hear it and/or download the mp3 files for free, click here. You'll also find instructions to follow if you'd like to purchase a signed CD copy, including an insert featuring the beautiful artwork of Teplin!

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