Monday, April 20, 2009

Nur Ein is on!

If you're not in the know about Nur Ein, here's the scoop. Each year since 2006, Niveous hosts an intense elimination challenge called Nur Ein (German for "Only One"). 25 entrants begin the competition, and through a series seven elimination rounds, only one will be left standing. The past winners have been Glenn Case, Puce, and The Worldly Self Assurance (couldn't find a website for the WSA, sorry).

The qualifying round, Round Zero, which will determine the 25 contestants, has just ended. Its title was "Sleep Tight," with the stipulation that the song must include (human) whistling. For my entry, I went with something a bit different from what I've been doing lately. You can hear it here. I'll let you know what the judges think when the results come in in two days.

UPDATE: Round Zero had exactly 25 contestants, so no eliminations... yet. See you in Round 1!
UPDATE 2: The rankings came in. Out of 25 entrants, I placed 13th. directly in the middle. Not bad.

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posted by Jon Eric  12:19 AM 


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